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  Main products of the company are new type of PVC stabilizer reagent (Ba/Zn, Ca/Zn , K/Zn, Ba/Cd/Zn, Inserted layer structure lead-free heat stabilizers, Bubble hole finishing agent, Precipitation agent and so on)  
Liquid Ba-Zn complex stabilizer
Liquid K-Zn complex stabilizer
Liquid Ca-Zn complex stabilizer
Liquid Ba/Cd/Zn (Ba/Cd/Zn)
Froth ostium tidy up solvent
Liquid K-Zn complex stabilizer
Product name:
Liquid K-Zn complex stabilizer
Properties and Uses:

This series is a light yellow transparent liquid. No suspension, a slight odor, does not dissolve in water. Has inhibitory effect to the decomposition of PVC, can promote the synthesis of stable products. Is an efficient foam-promoting stabilizer, can accelerate the decomposition of foaming agent, increase the foaming ratio, increase the whiteness, keep the fine uniformity of bubble hole.
Suitable for foaming wallpaper in blade method or rolling process, the production of artificial leather. Make the product good initial coloring, maintain long-term stability of Chroma.


190 or 200kg/drum

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