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  Main products of the company are new type of PVC stabilizer reagent (Ba/Zn, Ca/Zn , K/Zn, Ba/Cd/Zn, Inserted layer structure lead-free heat stabilizers, Bubble hole finishing agent, Precipitation agent and so on)  
Liquid Ba-Zn complex stabilizer
Liquid K-Zn complex stabilizer
Liquid Ca-Zn complex stabilizer
Liquid Ba/Cd/Zn (Ba/Cd/Zn)
Froth ostium tidy up solvent
Liquid Ba-Zn complex stabilizer
Product name:
Liquid ba-Zn complex stabilizer

self-lube stabilizer with high efficiency. Has good heat resistance and transparency, resistance to sulfide pollution, not whitening and precipitation, suitable for the processing at high temperature for a long time.
Suitable for taping machine, extruding machine to process soft or semi-rigid PVC tape, rubber, and the production of white or light color products.


180 or 200kg/drum

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